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Bridges to Wellness Coalition

Mission Statement

Bridges to Wellness Coalition, a 501(c)(3) focused on Health, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, and Social wellness thru education and real life experiences.

Bridges to Wellness Coalition represents a mission to ensure high quality care to the medically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and socially under-served of the community and embraces new insights concerning “total wellness”. The concept of "lack of wellness" is not reserved for the poor, uneducated, and unhealthy, but includes the advantaged and disadvantaged of our communities being aware of and able to make choices that lead to a more successful and sustainable existence. There is much to be gained on both sides of the “Bridge” when we embrace the best of everyone. We are ALL representative of a "rung" on the bridge, some just don't recognize they are, and therefore do not demonstrate such.  Our purpose is to EMPOWER those served, with the ability and resources needed to rise above apathy and dependence, to new heights of self-confidence and innovative social contribution. We are also a conduit to allow those with talents and bounty to have an outlet to extend their empowerment within the community to cause an overall improvement of the status of all. We believe that empowering the families of a community empowers the entire community, and ultimately, strengthens human generations. To allow anyone to become apathetic is to allow us all to fail in our quest for true and total wellness.

The Bridges to Wellness Coalition is founded upon and dedicated to the cause of creating a cohesive community spirit in the local area. After we have succeeded with our Mission locally, we plan to duplicate ourselves and these concepts to other areas of the County, State, Nation and the World. We are committed to the long haul. We, the founders, are fully aware the dream will likely outlive us. We are inspired by the many American and Foreign trailblazers that have gone before us with a similar dream and we hope to pass the baton to the next and subsequent generations.  In the words of one of our most Patriotic songs, "America, America, God shed His Grace on Thee and crowned thy good with Brotherhood from Sea to shining Sea." Let that also be our motto!

To this end, Bridges to Wellness Coalition is dedicated to developing effective Counseling and Tutorial Services focusing on TOTAL WELLNESS.  We seek to provide a wide array of exciting, insightful public presentations including notable guest speakers, lecturers, benefit activities, health fairs/outreaches, literature, audio/video materials, as well as personalized consultations. We intend to make all of our counseling, educational, and job assistance services affordable and appealing with the aim of developing self-contributing behaviors which help build a healthier person, community, nation, and ultimately — a healthier world.


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