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Bridges to Wellness Coalition embraces “total wellness”. The concept of Wellness is not reserved for Medical Health, but rather involves the self maintenance of one’s Medical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial and Social Health . There is much to be gained on both sides of the “Bridge” when we embrace all of these.  Our logo demonstrates the major Wellness must be Spiritual.  From that, emotional and financial wellness lead to medical and social wellness respectively.  

The saying goes that, “It takes a Village to raise a child”, but the reality is that it takes a village, to make a village that can raise a child WELL. It is the inclusion of every member of that village, not just the Chief and a few of his/her associates. We, in America have lost sight of some of the people that it takes to make a “Village” work. We have developed a culture that states there are some members of the “Village” that have no place and no purpose. And on the other side, there are "Villagers"  that have come to accept the notion that they have nothing to give and are only here to receive.  Nothing could be further from the truth. “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest”........ Teach the weak they are strong and then help them to demonstrate that strength. The weak only get weaker when we enable and block productive behavior.

The Bridges to Wellness Coalition is founded upon and dedicated to the cause of creating a cohesive community spirit in the local area. After we have succeeded with our Mission locally, we plan to duplicate ourselves and these concepts to other areas of the County, State, Nation and the World. We are committed to the long haul. We, the founders, are fully aware the dream will likely outlive us. We are inspired by the many American and Foreign trailblazers that have gone before us with a similar dream and we hope to pass the baton to the next and subsequent generations.

In the words of one of our most Patriotic songs, "America, America, God shed His Grace on Thee and crowned thy good with Brotherhood from Sea to shining Sea." Let that also be our motto!

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